manyculturesUNISON is at the forefront of campaigning against racism in Scotland. UNISON members care for the whole community – we won’t allow racists to wreck Scotland’s economic and cultural future.

We have adopted three key objectives: – Tackling racism in the workforce/effective implementation of the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 – Promoting respect for asylum seekers and humane immigration rules – Combating the far right and promoting community cohesion

We have a comprehensive action plan to address these objectives. Actions to improve member and community awareness, negotiating meaningful race equality schemes with employers and challenging the BNP.

SSS Awards

Countdown to enter the 2018 Scottish Social Services awards #SSSA18

The countdown is on to enter the 2018 Scottish Social Services awards before the deadline on 31 January 2018. Anyone ...
Glasgow St Andrew's Day Rally

St Andrew’s Day rallies: Educate, agitate, organise, and reject the politics of hate

UNISON members were out in Glasgow and Aberdeen today in the traditional Scottish Trades Union Congress St Andrews' Day marches ...
No racism

Stand up to racism 25 Nov Edinburgh and Glasgow

The Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) is supporting the 'No to Racism, No to Islamophobia! Football for All!' anti-racism event ...
thumbnail of refugee and asylum seeker good practice guide (webversion) final

Refuge and Asylum in Scotland – a guide for members

Asylum seekers in Scotland do not get the support services they are entitle to because of inadequate support for social ...
Brenda Aitchison

Hate crime has no place in schools, colleges or society at large

#stuc2017 The STUC will act to tackle racial and religious prejudice and bigotry in schools colleges and society. It will ...
Naomi Junnor

Standing up for workers’ rights and against racism

#stuc17 The STUC says it is time to turn the tide against the racist, misogynistic, disablist and other divisive language ...
Stand Up To Racism

Keep racism out of the election

Stand Up to Racism Scotland is calling for days of action to keep racism out of the council and general ...

Children first – ethical social work with refugee children

Ten years on from UNISON Scotland and BASW Scotland’s  first ever guide for social workers on ethical working with asylum ...
Aberdeen St Andrew's Day Rally

St Andrew’s Day rallies against racism 26 November

STUC St Andrew’s Day 2016 - Rallies in Glasgow and #WeAreAberdeen Glasgow: 'No Racism: Protecting Rights, Defending Communities’ Saturday 26 ...
Norah Ademeyo

UNISON members bring hope to refugees

#ulgc16 In a moving debate, local government delegates made it clear that UNISON welcomes refugees and UNISON will take steps ...
Refugess welcome here

Scotland welcomes refugees

A message from chair and secretary of UNISON Scotland International Committee Hello Colleagues 17 November 2015: As a plane of ...
Davena Rankin

Equality reps key to fairness at work and must have facility time

UNISON will put equalities at the heart of its bargaining agenda and will campaign with the TUC and through Labour ...