Public Service Futures


Our regular bulletin for people who care about public services.
Produced by UNISON Scotland’s Bargaining and Campaigns Team.


Futures Autumn 2018

thumbnail of Futures Autumn 2018 no 23
 The Autumn 2018 edition covers changes to building standards, falling public satisfaction with public services and a new report into ... Read More

Futures Summer 2018 Number 22

thumbnail of Futures Summer 2018 no 22
The new edition of Public Service Futures covers: the new Scottish budget process, the impact of automation on public service ... Read More

Public Sector Futures Spring 2018

thumbnail of Futures spring 2018 no 21
The latest edition of Futures gives updates on the local government budget, behaviour in schools and the expansion of early ... Read More

Futures Autumn 2017

thumbnail of Futures Autumn 2017 no 20
This edition of Futures gives an overview of the new Scottish government programme in areas which could impact on UNISON ... Read More

Futures Summer 2017 edition 19

thumbnail of Draft Futures Simmer 2017 no 19
 This edition of Public Service Futures contains an update on control of councils following the elections, a look at what ... Read More

Public Service Futures Spring 2017

thumbnail of Futures Spring 2017 no 18
 The latest edition of Public Service Futures includes articles on: public sector reform, reducing poverty and inequality, new research on health ... Read More

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