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Important information for workers registered with regulatory bodies

Important information for UNISON members who are registered professional members of any of the health and social care professional regulatory bodies listed below. IF YOUR PROFESSIONAL REGULATORY BODY INFORMS YOU OF A COMPLAINT OR ALLEGATION THAT YOUR FITNESS TO PRACTISE IS IMPAIRED PLEASE READ THIS BULLETIN AND… 1. DO NOT DELAY! INFORM YOUR UNISON BRANCH […]

A Severance Policy for Scotland

The Scottish Government has published a consultation paper on a new severance policy for Scotland. It follows plans by the UK Government to cap exit payments and claw back  payments when staff are reemployed in the public sector. They are also planning to limit severance provisions. The Scottish Government has the power to introduce similar provisions, but […]

e-Briefing – Scottish Attitudes Poll March 2017 – It’s public services stupid!

Public services are the number one issue for the vast majority of Scottish voters. We are publishing a full-scale poll, undertaken by Survation for UNISON Scotland, that asked voters to tell us their priorities for the local government elections. Public services were the top priority followed by the economy and job security. The results were […]

Scottish public sector workforce statistics 2016

This is our annual look at the end of year statistics on the Scottish public sector workforce. It shows another significant fall in the total public sector workforce, with local government taking the biggest hit. Since the financial crash, Scottish councils have taken a staggering 91% of all public sector job losses in Scotland. Demonstrating, […]

Local Government budget update

Our updated briefing on the implications of the Scottish government’s draft budget for local government after the budget revisions announced in parliament on 2nd February. We have still to see the details, but the interim numbers look like a significant improvement on the original allocations. However, most councils will still face difficult budget decisions and […]

Local Government Budget Cuts

This briefing aims to provide some clarity for branches round the proposed budget. The local government budget is finally getting some attention but the debate is increasingly confused with lots of numbers and acronyms bandied round creating lots of sound but very little light. Yesterday’s debate in parliament was typical. The 2017-18 draft budget will […]

Briefing 084 Bargaining – Health and Social Care Delivery Plan – January 2017

KEY POINTS: • A major shift of treatment into community settings is planned • Some services and treatments will be centralised on either a regional or national basis. • A new Public Health Strategy will be developed and mental health services will be mainstreamed across all health services • A new Workforce Plan will be […]

Briefing 83 – Draft Scottish Budget 2017-18

This is a briefing on the Scottish Government’s draft budget for 2017-18. It covers how the Scottish Government intends to raise revenue, including its use of the new devolved powers over taxation. It then sets out the spending plans and how they are likely to impact on the services UNISON members deliver.

e-briefing – Local Government 2016 – Audit Scotland Overview

Audit Scotland has published its annual overview of the financial state of local government in Scotland. In accountancy terms councils are in sound financial health, with a slight increase in reserves and a reduction in debt. However, significant challenges for local government finance lie ahead. Councils’ budgets are under increasing pressure from a long-term decline […]