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The full might of UNISON standing with the Windrush generation

On the 70th anniversary of the arrival of the Empire Windrush at Tillbury Docks, conference delegates slammed the terrible treatment of the Windrush generation by this UK Government and pledged to stand with them, with the full force of the union behind them. Earlier conference had seen a video where Michael Braithwaite, one of the […]

Tory EU power grab is contempt for democracy

Recognising the importance of addressing all devolved issues in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, Conference called on the National Executive to work closely with UNISON regions in the devolved administrations as the EU exit negotiations and related legislation develops. Scotland NEC member Stephen Smellie told delegates: “Theresa May’s government are making a pig’s ear out […]

Universal credit – a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Conference slammed Universal Credit as “not fit for purpose,” a system which has created misery and poverty for those dependent on benefits. UNISON will campaign along with other organisations to pause its roll out and to reform all the worst aspects of the system. A wide-ranging composite was moved by National Disabled Members’ rep, Kath […]

Pledge to continue support for workers’ rights in Turkey

In Turkey if you are a trade unionist you are a target. If you are a Kurd you are a terrorist. If you are a woman you have no right to a voice. UNISON has pledged to continue its support for workers’ rights in Turkey through initiatives from the European Federation of Public Service Union […]

Solidarity with Grenfell Tower victims and survivors

UNISON pledged once more to stand in solidarity with Grenfell Tower victims and survivors, calling for justice for Grenfell, for those responsible to be held to account, and for the permanent re-housing of the survivors within the community of their choice. The avoidable Grenfell Tower fire and the tragic and needless loss of life has […]

Homelessness campaign: A secure home is a basic human need

UNISON is challenging all political parties and interest groups to work together to develop a national strategy to address homelessness, a strategy that will look at the causes, the health perspective and the impact of welfare reforms. The strategy needs to look at housing solutions, including the building of council and other social housing, affordable […]

UK wide campaign to save local services

UNISON will co-ordinate a UK wide campaign to save local government services from the brink of breaking point. UNISON is calling on all its members to stand up for local government. A national campaign will back up and strengthen local campaigning to save our services. It will help take the argument for proper funding for […]

We must all act to end the detention of Palestinian children

In a powerful and at times emotional debate, Conference condemned the fact that Israel routinely imprisons Palestinian children as young as 12 in in clear breach of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. It called on branches to lobby UK and devolved governments, write to their MPs and publicise with members to […]

Brexit must respect Good Friday Agreement and EU nationals

As the EU withdrawal Bill goes through, UNISON is calling for an open, transparent and democratic process that also considers the particular issues faced by the regions in the devolved administrations. UNISON will campaign for a new EU deal fit for workers, informing and engaging members and the public on the potential impact of the […]

Young Workers are the future of our union

Conference overwhelmingly backed a call from the National Young Members Forum to designate 2019 as “The Year of Young Workers.” It committed to initiatives to increase the numbers of young members, with a 5% target by next year’s conference and another 5% by 2020. A Scotland amendment highlighted again that young workers are the trade […]