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Mac Senior Retired Members April 2018

– ‘We have so much to offer’ UNISON 2018 Scottish Retired Members’ Conference – 2018 National Retired Members’ Conference – Time we stepped up support for the WASPI campaign – Calling all Bowlers … – Developing the role of Retired Members’ Sections – Combatting Loneliness, Dennis Reid – Silver Voices – Writing Motions – Sue Chalmers – Scottish […]

Mac Senior Retired Members October 2017

– UNISON 2017 National Retired Members Conference – Scotland at Conference – UNISON Brexit Update – Well done Margaret McKee! – WASPI campaign – Funeral poverty – Lillie McNaughton …. our “Special Person” – Double success for Dumfries & Galloway – Conference Comment – “Support the PAY UP NOW Campaign” – Get ready for the […]

Retired Members Info and Resources Issue 74 June-Sep 2017

The Scottish Welfare Fund The Scottish Welfare Fund has been set up by the Scottish Government to help people who are on a low income and who are in difficult situations where an award of cash or goods will reduce a risk to their health and safety or help them to live independently. The Fund […]

Mac Senior Retired Members May 2017

– Another EXCELLENT Scottish Retired Members Conference – Retired Members urged to support LG colleagues fight for Fair Pay – Not “Another Election” … – Deadlines for the 2017 National R M Conference – Integrated Health Care …. Is it working? – 3 Good Conference workshops – UNISON RM issues – 2017 National RM Conference […]

Retired Members Info and Resources Issue 73 AprilMay 2017

Sources of help and advice The Age Scotland helpline is the confidential, free-phone helpline for older people in Scotland. It provides information, friendship and advice to older people and those seeking advice on how best to support older friends and family members. Tel: 0800 12 44 222 Your local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) can help […]

Retired Members Info and Resources Issue 72 MarchApril 2017

Security in the home Here are some simple precautions to protect yourself inside and outside your home, covering how to secure your home, safety outside your home, scams, identity theft and what to do if you are affected by crime. Most burglars are opportunists and they will look for unlocked doors or opened windows to […]

Retired Members Info and Resources Issue 71 FebMarch 2017

Preparing Your Home for Winter (Dundee City Council Website) You might not think you need to do much, but homes are just as vulnerable to the cold as people are. So while you suffer from colds and flu your home could be suffering just as badly. Every winter, thousands of properties suffer burst pipes and […]

Mac Senior Retired Members December 2016

– Where does UNISON stand now with BREXIT? – Dave Watson. – Tribute to Eric Roberts – Men are now doing it in their sheds all over Scotland -Bosses to be made to pay for cold-calling – Is the “Ageing Time Bomb” a myth? – State Pension under attack again – Get help staying warm […]

Mac Senior Retired Members October 2016 Conference Special

Four page Retired Members Conference Special The 2016 Conference may prove to be a turning point for UNISON’s Retired Members. It seemed much more positive than in recent years. Not so many speakers simply regurgitating policies and speeches from previous years. Because of that – and skillful compositing by the Standing Orders Committee – we […]

Retired Members Info and Resources Issue 70 SeptOct 2016

Martin Lewis website  Below is the contact website run by a guy called Martin Lewis. This site offers all types of information and advice; from the best offers from the Gas companies; SSE (Hydro); BT; and so on. He also offers money tips, and money advice of all natures. So for those of you who don’t […]