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Council Connections 15 – May 2016

Local Government Reform While we await the new Scottish Government’s legislative programme, it seems clear that local government is in for a period of further reform. Reviews are promised of the structure of health boards and councils, together with new regional education bodies with more finance going directly to schools. There are also proposals to […]

Council Connections 14 – March 2016

Local Government Budget The Scottish Government’s budget allocations are, yet again, placing the burden of austerity onto local community services. A cut of £350m (£500m in real terms) reduces local government’s share of the Scottish budget by 1.7% from 32.3% to 30.6% in 2016-17, as we explain in our MSP briefing, and in more detail […]

Council Connections 13 – Jan 2016

Draft Budget 2016/17 The big loser in the draft budget is local government. The budget is cut by 3.5% or £500m in cash terms. On top of that there are additional commitments like the NI increases that could double that cut. CoSLA calculates this will cost 15,000 jobs or ‘the equivalent of 50 Tata Steelworks’ […]

Council Connections 12 – Sep 2015

Trade Union Bill There is very welcome cross party support for the campaign against the Trade Union Bill. The Bill does not reflect the constructive industrial relations culture in Scotland, which recognises that employees working together for better wages, terms and conditions makes for a more productive workforce – good for business and good for […]

Council Connections 11 – June 2015

Better Procurement Councils purchase a wide range of goods and services and this is an important opportunity to extend the council’s policy reach into the community. Supporting businesses who pay their taxes, treat their workers fairly and look after the environment. The Scottish Government recently consulted over new procurement regulations. UNISON Scotland, working with a […]

Council Connections 10 – Jan 2015

The Budget Bill The Budget Bill offers little relief to hard pressed councils who are bearing the brunt of austerity cuts in Scotland. Public sector workers still take the biggest hit through their pay packets, followed by council services. Local government remains the only major spending portfolio to have a cut in cash terms since […]