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Defending democracy in Catalonia

#stuc18 Congress agreed a motion on defending democracy in Catalonia that called for the immediate release and acquittal of all political prisoners, and pledged political pressure in Holyrood and Westminster to achieve this. All affiliates and Trades Unions Councils are asked to proactively link up with their equivalents in Catalonia – working to strengthen solidarity […]

Scottish Government must use powers to protect public services

#stuc2018 The STUC will urge the Scottish Government to use its “full suite of tax and borrowing” to avoid local government cuts and condemned it for passing on “the worst of the Tory cuts to Scotland’s councils.” It will continue to argue that privatised services are more interested in profit and shareholder dividend, rather than […]

STUC to co-ordinate campaigns and action on public sector pay

#stuc2018 The STUC Congress has backed UNISON Scotland’s call for a new long term pay policy for all public sector workers that reflects the rising cost of living and the cumulative pay losses suffered by public sector workers over the last decade. The policy should be underpinned by a minimum wage of £10 per hour […]

UNISON at STUC Congress 2018

#stuc2018 The 121st STUC Congress gets under way on Monday 16 April and the 300 delegates gathering in Aviemore will be trying to ensure that the rights of working people are put at the centre of the political  agenda. UNISON has motions on Public Sector Pay, Pension Funds and Climate Change, and Scottish Energy Policy. Our […]

STUC Congress Archive

UNISON Scotland’s Communications and Campaigns Committee reports on UNISON speakers on the main issues every day at the annual STUC Congress. Reports also appear in Scotland inUNISON’s May issue. For an overview of the whole Congress go to the STUC website This is an archive of reports from previous STUC Congresses. STUC home. Pre 2015 […]

STUC Congress 2018

STUC 2018: These are reports from the Communications & Campaigns Committee on UNISON speakers on the main issues every day at the 121st STUC Congress in Aviemore from 16-18 April. Reports will also appear in Scotland inUNISON’s May issue. For an overview of the whole Congress go to the STUC website Congress reports from previous years […]

STUC backs WASPI campaign against pension cuts for millions of women

#stuc2017 The STUC has backed a campaign against Government pension cuts that have left millions of women’s retirement plans in chaos. It will demand the government provides a full package of transitional arrangements for all women born on or after 6th April 1951 who have ‘unfairly borne the burden of the increase to the State […]

STUC will campaign to end the public sector pay cap

#stuc2017 Congress slammed the Scottish Government’s failure to use devolved powers over public sector pay policy to protect their own workforce from Tory austerity cuts. The STUC will mount a high profile campaign across affiliates in the public sector to end the1% public sector pay cap, including a public sector seminar to explore a co-ordinated […]

Trade unions urged to support activists acting within BDS policy

#stuc2017 Congress agreed to remit Aberdeen Trade Union Council’s two motions on Palestine in favour of a robust General Council statement reinforcing the STUC’s support for the Palestinian people and for the campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) The statement pledged to encourage affiliates with BDS policies to support members through financial, legal and […]

Public sector reform must involve staff and service users

#stuc2017 The STUC has backed UNISON Scotland depute convener Stephen Smellie’s call for a public service reform agenda based on the Christie Commission report principles of integrated service delivery with staff and citizen engagement based on local democracy, not centralisation. The UNISON Scotland motion noted that, all too often, cuts in funding were the driver […]