UNISON Scotland Courses Introduction 2017

Welcome to our new Learning and Organising Programme for 2017

UNISON CourseWith a very successful 2016 training programme under their belt, the Learning and Organising Committee were tasked with the unenviable task of creating an even bigger and better programme for this year.

Never been known to turn down a challenge the committee have worked hard to develop another exciting training programme which provides specialised training for our activists and offers exciting learning opportunities for our members.

Working in partnership with UNISON’s Lifelong Learning Team we have produced a programme which has been designed to develop the knowledge and skills of our stewards and workplace representatives and also to offer our members personal and professional development via Lifelong Learning courses such as “Return To Learn” and “Health and Wellbeing” awareness sessions.

By providing high calibre training to our activists and raising awareness amongst our members we aim to tackle the ongoing austerity cuts that are damaging our Public services and the economy.

When you consider that we live in a time where the NHS is struggling to keep up with rising demands and cost pressures, public service workers are suffering from increasing amounts of violence, we have the need for campaigns for fair pay in our 4 learning establishments, gender discrimination continues and dedicated workers are being stretched to the limit, resulting in their own stress and ill health, more than ever we need well trained Union activists to continue to stand up and protect our hard fought for and hard won workers rights and equalities.

This year’s programme provides you with opportunities to help you address challenges in your workplace and to also achieve success in your personal life.


Lawrence Hunter Chair, Learning and Organising Committee

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