STUC Congress

STUC Aviemore 2017
STUC 2017
: We will be reporting on UNISON speakers on the main issues every day at the 120th STUC Congress in Aviemore from 24-26 April.

Reports will also appear in Scotland inUNISON’s May issue. For an overview of the whole Congress go to the STUC website
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Davena Rankin

Action needed now on gender pay gap

#stuc2017 Research by the University and College Union has revealed that four Scottish universities – Aberdeen, Glasgow, St Andrews and ...
John Stevenson

Scottish Government must invest in whole Scottish Fire and Rescue team

#stuc2017 Motion 54 The STUC will lobby the Scottish Government for proper funding for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service ...
George McIrvine

Emergency fire controls mergers or outsourcing a ‘no go!’

#stuc2017 The STUC will oppose any attempts by the Scottish Government to outsource emergency fire control rooms or to merge ...
Pat Rowland

Closing the attainment gap needs action not warm words

#stuc2017 Congress pledged to continue campaigning for proper funding for all areas of education, from early years to adult education ...
Carol Ball

If government serious about attainment and reducing inequality, it needs to stop cuts

#stuc2017 STUC delegates heard of the real experience of education staff on the front line as they voted to campaign ...
Brenda Aitchison

Hate crime has no place in schools, colleges or society at large

#stuc2017 The STUC will act to tackle racial and religious prejudice and bigotry in schools colleges and society. It will ...
Jenni Gunn

Young people will pay a high price if Job Centres close

#stuc2017 Congress backed the PCS campaign opposing Job Centre closures amidst fears that, particularly in Glasgow, where many of the ...
Kate Ramsden

STUC backs Homeless Period campaign for ‘dignity and respect for all women’

#stuc2017 The STUC has backed the Homeless Period campaign to ensure tampons/towels are made available through homeless shelters by the ...
Helen Duddy

Food poverty in Scotland must remain a high priority for government

#stuc2017 In the first motion debated after Ken Loach’s hard-hitting speech to Congress slamming the “conscious cruelty” of the benefits ...
Kate Ramsden

Tackling the disgrace of 78,000 on zero hours contracts

#stuc2017 A couple of hours after Jeremy Corbyn pledged to the STUC that he would abolish zero hours contracts, delegates ...
Tony Slaven

Act to end barriers to work for people with disabilities

#stuc2017 Congress backed urgent action to support disabled people into work, amidst serious concerns that less than 50% of people ...
Kathleen Kennedy

Campaign to end VAT on food for guide dogs

#stuc2017 The STUC will campaign to extend the VAT exemption on 'working' dog food to guide dogs for the blind ...