Local Government Pay 2018

News and updates on the Local Government Pay Claim 2018.

Further letter to Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Constitution

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This is to keep you up to date on the local government pay negotiations. This is a joint trade union letter to Derek Mackay MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Constitution, dated: 15th May 2018, regarding COSLA Pay Offer for ... Read More

UNISON to press Derek Mackay, Cabinet Secretary, Finance & the Constitution, for more money for local government workers at a key meeting on Thursday 10th May.

Press Release
The Joint Trades Unions, representing the vast majority of the local government workforce on the Scottish Joint Council, submitted their pay claim in January. CoSLA, the employers body, put forward a best and final pay offer on 26th March 2018 ... Read More

Letter from Scottish Government to UNISON on local government pay

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This letter is from Craig Inglis, Local Government and Communities Directorate, Local Government & Analytical Services Division. Regarding the COSLA pay offer.  We are keen to ensure all our members have all the latest information and correspondence on our pay ... Read More

Letter to Derek McKay about COSLA Pay Offer For Local Government Workers

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Please see attached further letter sent on behalf of the Joint Trade Unions on the COSLA Pay offer for local government workers. We are urging Derek Mackay to sit down and discuss the genuine concerns of such a large group ... Read More

Pay Claim Update 2018

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Local Government Pay You will be aware that UNISON, along with the other trade unions representing members in Local Government, submitted a joint pay claim to your employer on the 12th January 2018.  This claim was constructed following consultation with ... Read More

Local Government Pay Claim

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UNISON members have suffered a real terms pay cut over the last ten years. Despite the news headlines following the budget, there was no allocation of funds to local authorities to meet the three percent pay rise that other public ... Read More

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