transportUNISON transport members in Scotland work for a range of transport organisations, including passenger transport authorities, bus companies, British Waterways, harbour companies and some local airports. Their jobs include professional, managerial, administrative, clerical manual and engineering roles.

In addition to members covered by the Transport Service Group UNISON has many members in local government who support Scotland’s transport infrastructure including planners, engineers, local and trunk roads staff.



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  • Climate Change Bill Consultation Response

    21 September 2017 Climate Change Bill Consultation Response    UNISON is a member of the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland coalition and we support the submission from SCCS. We outline some of UNISON’s important priorities ...
  • Air Departure Tax 50% Cut: Consultation Response

    14 September 2017 Air Departure Tax 50% Cut: Consultation ResponseUNISON Scotland has argued strongly against this tax reduction from when it was first proposed. As we said in our June 2016 response to the ...
  • Air quality in Scotland

    17 August 2017 Air quality in Scotland The Scottish Parliament’s Environment Committee is conducting an inquiry into air quality in Scotland. Poor air quality now represents the greatest threat to human health and ...
  • Air Quality in Scotland

    4 July 2017 Air Quality in Scotland Poor air quality is Scotland’s silent killer. The UK and Scottish governments have been criticised for not taking effective action and a court recently agreed. There ...
  • Air Passenger Duty Consultation Response

    3 June 2016 Air Passenger Duty Consultation Response UNISON Scotland starts from the position that the Scottish Government should be defending public services and working for social justice by opposing austerity and tackling ...

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