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Changes to state pension hit women hardest

#uNDC16 The new single tier pension introduced in April is discriminatory towards women as most cannot accrue the same pension as men because of low pay, part-time working, zero hours contracts and time off for caring responsibilities. Women born between April 1951 and April 1953 will not receive a state pension at all, despite men […]

3,000 send support for #Justice4Jannies

#uNDC16 The 3,000 strong UNISON Conference sent messages of support to the striking Glasgow jannies as the branch updated delegates on their action. In a special statement, Glasgow City’s Sam Macartney told delegates: “Cordia and Glasgow City Council are still refusing to have any meaningful dialogue with UNISON to resolve this dispute. “In fact they are […]

New measures to support activists

#uNDC16 UNISON must put support mechanisms in place for stewards dealing with stressful and complex situations, Lanarkshire Health’s Margo Cranmer told UNISON Conference. Delegates backed a series of measures to explore ways in which the union can fill the gap in terms of support for officers and stewards. Day in day out we deal with members […]

Privatised electricity not fit for purpose

#uNDC16 UNISON will step up the campaign to bring the energy industry back into public ownership and urge the Labour Party to make it one its key commitments. Willie Docherty, moving the Scottish Electricity motion, told delegates: “Since 1979 successive UK governments have pursued marketisation and privatisation of the energy sector with potentially disastrous consequences. “Short-term […]

Keep public services in-house – better for staff, better for service users.

#uNDC16 UNISON will continue its fight to keep public services in-house and set out a range of measures to support branches to fight privatisation and out-sourcing. Where services are provided by the private or not for profit sector, UNISON will press for socially responsible procurement, the living wage and trade union recognition. Speakers spoke of […]

Tools to support young members deal with bullying

#uNDC16 Conference paid tribute to the Scottish Young Members’ publication, Gonnae No Dae That? – a guide for young workers on bullying and harassment in the workplace, how to recognise it and how UNISON can support them and pledged to develop similar resources across the four nations. A National Young Members’ Forum amendment called for workplace […]

Supporting stewards essential to building union’s strength

#uNDC16 Conference backed a range of measures to improve training and support for activists. The motion recognised that we have lost a significant number of experienced activists because of austerity and privatisation of public services. The call for more flexible training, e-learning and monitoring and support for new activists was backed by a Glasgow City amendment calling […]

Palestine: End occupation, oppression and ethnic cleansing

#uNDC16 Conference reiterated its clear support for a campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) in support of a call from the Palestinian people for an end to repression and the right to self determination. It will campaign for the repeal of laws like that planned by the Tory government which aim to silence support for […]

Peace talks welcome but fight for justice in Colombia goes on

#uNDC16 Colombia remains an extremely dangerous place to live for anyone who defends civil, human and workers’ rights. That was the clear message from Scotland Regional delegate Lilian Macer, who moved the composite of motions from Scotland, and Lanarkshire Health amongst others. UNISON will continue to work with Justice for Colombia and to press the Colombian […]

Progressive taxation the only way to save public services

#uNDC16 Through tax avoidance and tax evasion the UK Treasury receives around 100 Billion pounds a year less than it expects. Conference is dismayed that nearly six years on from his promise to “fix” the economy and recently following the autumn statement – in which he said that the governments job is no longer to “rescue […]