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Hard Lessons: Support staff struggling to maintain standards for pupils because of cuts

This is a large scale survey of support staff working in schools across Scotland. It is a wide ranging report giving a clear overview of what is going on in Scottish schools. Its main finding is that support staff have lack of time, lack of resources and heavy workloads which mean they are struggling to […]

Futures number 17 autumn/winter 2016

 Latest edition of Futures covering the Scottish government’s plans for the upcoming year, the possibilities of a new Scottish approach to taxation, the consultaitons on expanding childcare, education governance and the new Child Poverty Bill.  The Scottish government is holding consultation events across the country on planned changes to schoos and childcare governance. Details of events […]

Briefing 078 Policy – Education Delivery Plan – July 2016

This briefing covers the Scottish Government’s Education Delivery Plan. It sets out measures to reduce the attainment gap in Scottish education. They include some budgetary devolution to schools, backed up with a wide range of national controls including, direct funding, standards, testing, advisors and data transparency. The plan also points to structural change that will […]

Early learning and childcare manifesto. Supporting children, parents and the childcare workforce.

Childcare should be provided free at the point of use by the public sector. Currently Scotland’s childcare provision is patchy, complex and expensive. We need a radical overhaul of childcare provision to ensure that it provides what families actually want: a safe nurturing environment for their children, that doesn’t cost the earth. This will mean […]

Petition PE1583 Playground Supervision – Jan 2016

Petition PE1583 Playground Supervision – UNISON Scotland submission to the Scottish  Parliament Public Petitions Committee – Jan 2016 Full text of evidence ScotParlPetitionPE1583PlaygroundSupervision_UNISONEvidence_Jan2016 Introduction UNISON is Scotland’s largest public sector trade union representing over 150,000 people delivering services across Scotland. UNISON members deliver a wide range of services in schools. Members include: librarians and library […]

Petition PE1581 School Libraries – Dec 2015

ScotParlPetitionPE1581SchoolLibraries_UNISONEvidence_Dec2015 Petition PE1581 School Libraries – UNISON Scotland submission to the Public Petitions Committee December 2015 Extract UNISON members deliver a wide range of services in schools. Members include: librarians and library assistants, technicians, school administrative staff and classroom assistants. UNISON Scotland is able to collate and analyse member’s experience to provide evidence to inform […]

UNISON Scotland childcare charter

Children: Free childcare in the public sector Parents: Expanded parental leave & flexible working Workforce: Fair pay, training & career paths Childcare should be provided free at the point of use by the public sector. The current system is patchy, complex and expensive. Parents in Scotland pay 27% of their household income on childcare, compared […]

Educational attainment gap Commission for Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce

UNISON welcomes the committee’s inquiry into closing the attainment gap. There is widespread agreement that children from low income households do significantly worse at school than those from better of households and that this gap starts early and continues. What there is little agreement on is what to do about it. Research by the Joseph […]