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Final Election Briefing

We have less than one week to go to the Scottish Parliament elections. That’s one final week to make an impact. UNISON members deliver the services that are essential for a decent society – and in many cases life itself. They do so in a time when the pressures upon them are increasing – demand […]

Public Services and a Healthier Scotland

Tackling health inequality is one of the greatest challenges we face, says UNISON UNISON Scotland called for a fresh approach to tackling health inequality as it launched its new manifesto today (Tuesday). The manifesto – Public Services and a Healthier Scotland: tackling Scotland’s health inequalities – outlines the stark and scandalous reality of Scotland’s enduring […]

Social Care in Scotland

Social care in Scotland is in crisis! The provision of social care has changed rapidly over the last 20 years, but our elderly population is expected to rise by 82% by the year 2035 and this requires a change in funding, greater joint planning and an emphasis on preventative spending. There needs to be better, […]

Local Government for a fairer Scotland

Scotland’s councils deliver the services upon which we all rely. From childcare to care for our elderly and vulnerable, keeping our streets lit and emptying our bins helping us to stay fit and our children to learn local Government is at the heart of Scottish society. Local government services have borne the brunt of austerity […]

New economic report concludes Scotland needs ‘urgent exit from austerity’, says UNISON

Scotland needs ‘urgent exit from austerity’ is the conclusion of a new report commissioned by UNISON, Scotland’s largest trade union. The new report, The Impact of Austerity on Scotland, was written for UNISON by leading economist John McLaren. It outlines where Scotland’s economy is now in terms of growth, public spending and living standards. The […]

The Impact of Austerity on Scotland: damage done and routes to recovery

UNISON Scotland has commissioned this report from leading economist Professor John Maclaren in order to offer analysis of the impact of austerity in Scotland and of what policy measures the Scottish Parliament might be put in place to mitigate its effects. Impact of Austerity on Scotland: damage done and routes to recovery Introduction, Key Points […]

Public services and a sustainable Scotland Minifesto 2016

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face in Scotland and globally. We have world leading climate change legislation, legislation that UNISON Scotland members were important in helping achieve, including through our work with the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland coalition. The targets for carbon reduction adopted in that Act have never been met. […]

Scotland in UNISON No 119 April 2016

Ten ways to strengthen Scotland’s services: Manifesto for the Scottish election ‘We want to see a Parliament using the powers at its disposal in order to enhance our public services to create a fairer and sustainable Scotland,’ Mike Kirby, Scottish Secretary and Lilian Macer, Scottish Convener; – Full rundown on UNISON Scotland’s manifesto, – Defend […]

Infuencers Briefing 14 April 2016

UNISON Scotland has published its manifesto for the Scottish Parliament elections ‘Public Services and the Good Society’. You can download a copy here. The manifesto explains why public services are so important to our communities and the economy. It includes ten ways to strengthen Scotland’s public services, economy and society. We have also published the […]

Public services are a high priority for voters, says opinion poll

UNISON has launched its Manifesto for the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections calling on people to vote for who they think will invest in public services. The manifesto was launched with a Survation opinion poll showing that 72% said public services were in their top three most important election issues followed by the economy (61%) and job […]