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Fair Funding to Achieve Excellence and Equity in Education

UNISON believes that education including early years and childcare should be comprehensive and delivered free at the point of use via local authorities. This route offers democratic accountability and efficiency through economies of scale and allows school staff to focus on children. UNISON believes that it is investment in education and the development of education […]

Air Departure Tax 50% Cut: Consultation Response

UNISON Scotland has argued strongly against this tax reduction from when it was first proposed. As we said in our June 2016 response to the consultation on a Scottish replacement to Air Passenger Duty, we start “from the position that the Scottish Government should be defending public services and working for social justice by opposing […]

Manifesto for local government in Scotland 2017

For fairness and democracy: keep it local  Launched at UNISON Scottish council on Saturday 1 April 2017 this is the UNISON Scotland manifesto for the local government elections on 4 May 2017. Our manifesto calls for sustainable funding for local government, so it can take meaningful accountable decisions which can make a real difference to local […]

Public services are top priority for vast majority of Scottish voters, says polling

UNISON launches its manifesto for the local government elections in Scotland today, ‘For fairness and democracy: keep it local’ (1 April 2017). Its is launched with polling from Survation showing that public services are the top priority for voters (70%); followed by the economy (51%); and job security and availability (44%). According to Survation polling […]

Air Passenger Duty Consultation Response

UNISON Scotland starts from the position that the Scottish Government should be defending public services and working for social justice by opposing austerity and tackling inequalities. Climate change action is essential and should support these goals. Instead, cutting Air Passenger Duty would benefit the wealthiest, while increasing aviation emissions. A lose, lose proposal for Scottish public services […]

Local Authority Capital Finance and Accounting – Jan 2016

The UNISON Scotland response to the Scottish Government Local Government Division Consultation on The Local Authority (Capital Finance and Accounting) (Scotland) Regulations 2016 Jan 2016 Full text of response UNISON Scotland broadly welcomes the proposed changes in legislative provision detailed in the consultation. We had called for the Scottish Government to relax the repayment of […]

Public Service Futures Issue 12 – Spring 2015

PublicServiceFutures12_Spring2015 Public Service FUTURES Issue 12 – Spring 2015: It’s a Public Services election… Public services are the number one election issue for the majority of Scottish voters. Let’s Talk Pay: The state of pay in Britain The Cupboard is Bare: Fiscal Affairs Scotland analysis of the savings councils are being forced to make …and […]

Local Government Finance Order MSP eBrief – Feb 2015

Cuts to local government are unsustainable  MSPe-briefing Local Govt Finance Order Feb2015 PDF Extract: Public expenditure in Scotland faces year-on-year real term reductions. By 2020 it will be 12.5% lower in real terms than when the Conservatives came to power in 2010. This is the equivalent of one pound in every eight being cut by […]

Public Service Futures Issue 11 – Winter 2015

PublicServiceFutures11_Winter2015 Public Service FUTURES Issue 11 – Winter 2015: Cuts and more cuts: Analysis of Osborne’s Autumn Statement Fatter cats: The bosses’ big pay packets Inequality in Scotland: New report Metropoles: France’s city regions …and more PublicServiceFutures11_Winter2015 PDF

Public Service Futures 9 -Summer 2014

PublicServiceFutures09_Summer2014 Issue 9 – Summer 2014 Loving the Local Again: The Commission on Strengthening Local Democracy’s interim report Glasgow Future City Pilot project aims to improve urban life through use of new technology. The Big Squeeze: Audit Scotland highlights significant financial challenges faced by public sector. Police Reform: We hate to say ‘We told you […]