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Futures Summer 2018 Number 22

The new edition of Public Service Futures covers: the new Scottish budget process, the impact of automation on public service jobs and the possibilities of a new public energy company. There are also articles on the Carillion collapse, the new national outcomes and childcare expansion.

Public Sector Futures Spring 2018

The latest edition of Futures gives updates on the local government budget, behaviour in schools and the expansion of early years education. There is also news on the latest review of local governance in Scotland and UNISON’s support for campaigns to improve how the Freedom of Information Act is currently working in Scotland.

Futures Autumn 2017

This edition of Futures gives an overview of the new Scottish government programme in areas which could impact on UNISON members. In particular education reform, childcare expansion, the proposed socio-economic duty and the Barclay Review of non domestic rates

Futures Summer 2017 edition 19

 This edition of Public Service Futures contains an update on control of councils following the elections, a look at what UNISON believes the new council leadership should be focusing on and an update on fracking in Scotland.

Public Service Futures Spring 2017

 The latest edition of Public Service Futures includes articles on: public sector reform, reducing poverty and inequality, new research on health inequalities, introducing high quality childcare and the latest information on the local government budget. 

Futures number 17 autumn/winter 2016

 Latest edition of Futures covering the Scottish government’s plans for the upcoming year, the possibilities of a new Scottish approach to taxation, the consultaitons on expanding childcare, education governance and the new Child Poverty Bill.  The Scottish government is holding consultation events across the country on planned changes to schoos and childcare governance. Details of events […]

Futures:for people who care about public services Summer 2016

 Issue 16 contains our latest research paper detailing why Scotland needs “an urgent exit form austerity”, update on the Scottish Government’s new powers and their plans for childcare and council tax reform

Public Service Futures 15 – Winter 2016

Public Service FUTURES Issue 15 – Winter 2016: There is an alternative; Grappling with cuts; Procurement and tax dodgers; Anti-poverty childcare; …and more PublicServiceFutures15_Winter2016.pdf

Public Service Futures Issue 13 – Autumn 2015

 PublicServiceFutures13_Autumn2015 Public Service FUTURES Issue 13 – Autumn 2015: Scottish Govt Programme… The new bills of most interest to UNISON members include… Anti-TU Bill: The Trade Union Bill is an unwarranted interference in devolved public services and will wreck the modern approach to industrial relations in Scotland. Power to the People: Local energy production offers some […]

Public Service Futures Issue 12 – Spring 2015

PublicServiceFutures12_Spring2015 Public Service FUTURES Issue 12 – Spring 2015: It’s a Public Services election… Public services are the number one election issue for the majority of Scottish voters. Let’s Talk Pay: The state of pay in Britain The Cupboard is Bare: Fiscal Affairs Scotland analysis of the savings councils are being forced to make …and […]