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Get your MP to support motion to reduce inequality

Early Day Motion (EDM) 591 has been launched in Westminster calling for the implementation of the Socio-Economic Duty already legislated for in Section 1 of the Equality Act 2010, reports the Institute of Employment Rights. Sponsored by Harriet Harman MP, the motion is also backed by Chris Stephens MP, previously a well-known activist in UNISON […]

Soci-Economic Duty

UNISON is a leading human rights defender in day-to-day workplace situations. UNISON has also brought various direct challenges to the UK government in the Supreme Court and European Court of Justice through individual cases and judicial review. Having invoked EU law, the European Convention on Human Rights and the Magna Carta to remove tribunal fees […]

Questions for election candidates: Health inequalities

Average male life expectancy in Scotland’s least deprived areas is 11 years higher than in the most deprived areas. The gap is 7.5 years for women. More equal societies are also more healthy societies. So solutions start with reduscing income inequality and strengthening public services – rather than simply squabbling over NHS targets. Question: What […]

Petition PE1581 School Libraries – Dec 2015

ScotParlPetitionPE1581SchoolLibraries_UNISONEvidence_Dec2015 Petition PE1581 School Libraries – UNISON Scotland submission to the Public Petitions Committee December 2015 Extract UNISON members deliver a wide range of services in schools. Members include: librarians and library assistants, technicians, school administrative staff and classroom assistants. UNISON Scotland is able to collate and analyse member’s experience to provide evidence to inform […]

Public Service Futures Issue 11 – Winter 2015

PublicServiceFutures11_Winter2015 Public Service FUTURES Issue 11 – Winter 2015: Cuts and more cuts: Analysis of Osborne’s Autumn Statement Fatter cats: The bosses’ big pay packets Inequality in Scotland: New report Metropoles: France’s city regions …and more PublicServiceFutures11_Winter2015 PDF

Health Inequalities in Scotland

This paper on health inequalities in Scotland was developed as our submission to the Health Inequalities Review commissioned by Neil Findlay MSP. The review starts from the premise that Scotland’s health inequalities are the unjust differences in life expectancy and these differences are determined by socio-economic position, caused by the unfair distribution of income, wealth […]