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Jannies victory in Glasgow – more members, more pay and back in-house

Local Government Conference welcomed Bill Petrie, one of the Glasgow Jannies who took on their employer, Cordia (an arms length company in Glasgow) and after a hard fought 20 month dispute, won a great victory. On Sunday, delegates applauded their campaign, Justice4Jannies, and in turn Bill thanked UNISON for its support. Bill gave the background […]

Glasgow school janitors win pay rise, maintain one janitor / one school and secure jobs

Statement by City of Glasgow UNISON branch Glasgow After a dispute lasting twenty months janitors in Glasgow’s primary, nursery and ASL schools have won a 6% pay rise which will see all janitors annual pay increase by £1,184 from today (14 August). The deal maintains one janitor/one school, which was to go under proposals from […]