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Soci-Economic Duty

UNISON is a leading human rights defender in day-to-day workplace situations. UNISON has also brought various direct challenges to the UK government in the Supreme Court and European Court of Justice through individual cases and judicial review. Having invoked EU law, the European Convention on Human Rights and the Magna Carta to remove tribunal fees […]

Child Poverty Bill

There are currently 220,000 children living in poverty, and two-thirds of them are living in a household where someone works.[1] Many of our members are working long hours to make ends meet: struggling to pay bills or unable to afford to take up more hours because of the high costs or unavailability of child care. […]

Briefing 076 Bargaining – Pay – May 2016

KEY POINTS: Pay in Scotland has fallen 12% in real terms since 2011 If it has risen in line with OBR forecast Scotland’s economy would be £11.6bn larger. That would have generated £3.6bn in extra government revenues. It would have saved £240m in benefits. Public sector pay has fallen by 10%, but much further behind […]

Social Care in Scotland

Social care in Scotland is in crisis! The provision of social care has changed rapidly over the last 20 years, but our elderly population is expected to rise by 82% by the year 2035 and this requires a change in funding, greater joint planning and an emphasis on preventative spending. There needs to be better, […]

Use Scottish Government powers to protect the low paid

#STUC16 Delegates to Congress slammed cuts to tax credits and pledged to continue the campaign to fight these cuts and to implement the real living wage for our low paid members across the public and private sectors. UNISON’s Helen Duddy welcomed George Osborne’s climb down on tax credit cuts in the last budget but warned […]

Young workers worth ‘better than zero’

#STUC16 Young members were joined by other STUC delegates and TUC president Liz Snape in demonstrating for ‘Better than Zero’ workers’ conditions outside Café Nero in Dundee this morning. Like some other businesses, Café Nero have made staff pay for the discriminatory so-called national living wage by a penny-pinching claw back of conditions like paid breaks […]

Workers of all ages deserve a real living wage

#STUC16 STUC Congress slammed the UK Government’s “so-called” national living wage and pledged to press for a real Living Wage for all workers, including those under 25. UNISON’s Helen Duddy, supporting the motion slammed the current situation which means that those aged 16-25, who are doing the exact same job and hours as their fellow […]

Zero hours contracts – bad for workers, services and the economy

#STUC16 The STUC will press the Scottish Government to work with trade unions to tackle the rise in zero hours contracts and casualised labour which undermine workers’ rights and their ability to organise. UNISON young member, Bernadette Lafferty brought a young workers’ perspective to the debate, telling delegates that she herself had personal experience of […]

Briefing No 75 – Procurement: New statutory guidance – April 2016

Briefing No 75 – Procurement: New statutory guidance – April 2016 Key Points: The Scottish Government has published a ‘suite’ of statutory guidance on public procurement under the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014. There are also new procurement Regulations under the Act and transposing EU Directives into Scottish law. Procurement can and should be used […]

Fighting for Fair Work in Universities

UNISON Scotland welcomes the Scottish Government’s Fair Work Convention Paper. UNISON was involved in working hard to make sure the conclusions reflect workers needs.   It indicates employers should get Living Wage Accredited and provide staff with greater security of employment. It also encourages better training and development of staff, respect at work and better health and safety. Full details are […]