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UNISON vows to keep up the fight against privatisation of public services

Local Government Conference condemned the outsourcing and privatisation of public services that has seen the four biggest outsourcing companies in the UK get more than £4 billion a year of public money. Delegates backed a range of measures to oppose Tory government plans for further outsourcing, especially in England and Wales. Moving the motion on […]

UNISON calls for zero tolerance on bullying and harassment

Delegates at Local Government Conference heard harrowing accounts of bullying at work from a range of members and activists and backed a complete zero tolerance on bullying and harassment and actions to eradicate it. Building on the work of Scotland young members in their “Gonnae no dae that” campaign, the National Young Members Forum had […]

Closing the gender pay gap in local government

Almost 50 years after the 1970 Equal Pay Act Local Government once again condemned the increasing gap between men and women’s pay. Delegates welcomed UNISON’s involvement in the Women and Local Government Commission and backed action to address the widening pay gap. UNISON will continue to campaign vigorously to close the gap, by pressing employers […]

Organising is more complex than just facility time

Facility time was back on the Local Government Conference agenda as stewards and activists find their time for union work more and more squeezed. Delegates at successive conferences have been highlighting this problem for the past four years and condemned a lack of response in addressing these issues, especially when it comes to representing and negotiating […]

Professor Cole’s report into school closures

The Cole report raises a range of issues which are relevant not just to public sector building projects but to the safety of all building work in Scotland. Concerns go beyond new building projects and include the ongoing maintenance and safety of existing structures. UNISON believes that much more work needs to be done to […]