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UNISON have withdrawn from negotiating table with Police Scotland

This letter to UNISON members explains why we have notified Scottish Police Authority and Police Service of Scotland that we will not participate in today’s Joint Negotiation & Consultative Committee (JNCC). Employers are refusing to table discussions on pay claims, department restructuring, police station closures and a £20m black hole in the police finances. UNISON have […]

UNISON welcomes introduction of Scottish Living Wage for social care

UNISON welcomes the Scottish Government commitment to introduce the Scottish Living Wage across the social care sector in Scotland, from 1st October 2016. This is the result of a long campaign by UNISON, and we are pleased that extra money has been provided for employers to meet this new commitment. However, we are disappointed that […]

Pics from the picket lines – FE colleges 27 September

College support staff across Scotland have walked out for a second time this month and will demonstrate at the Parliament later today. The row centres on the pay rise for 2016, as college bosses awarded lecturing staff a flat rate rise of £450, while most low-paid support staff were offered £230 – almost half that awarded to […]

NUS boost for FE support staff strikes

The president of the National Union of Students Scotland has issued a call to all college students backing the FE support staff who are striking for Fair Pay. Vonnie Sandlan told UNISON organisers today that an email had been sent to all sabbatical posts in colleges in support of the claim by trade union staff. […]

UNISON launches first ever national strike across Scotland’s further education colleges

UNISON members across Scotland’s 20 further education (FE) colleges will go on strike on Tuesday, September 6, as an autumn of discontent kicks off in the troubled sector. The dispute is the result of college bosses awarding lecturing staff a £450 flat rate rise in May 2016, while most college support staff have been offered […]

FE Activist Bulletin No.1 – 2016 Pay Campaign

This is the first edition of UNISON Scotland, Further Education, Activist Bulletin for the 2016 Pay Campaign. Please print and use. It provides answers to some of those frequent but difficult questions you will get from UNISON members about planned strike action. It will help you give UNISON members the information they need. This dispute is about justice and fairness. Lecturing staff were […]

Co-ordinated action key to pay justice

#uNDC16 UNISON will co-ordinate the fight for pay justice, decent living standards and the “real” living wage across the whole union linked with UNISON’s opposition to austerity and defence of public services. It will continue to highlight falling living standards as a result of the Tory government’s attack on welfare benefits and will campaign on […]

UNISON to ballot further education members for strike action in dispute over pay

Scotland’s college support staff are planning an ‘autumn of discontent’ after college bosses failed to deliver a fair deal for support staff. Support staff have been offered £230 in comparison to the £450 settlement already paid out to teaching colleagues. National negotiations broke down last week (Thursday) and UNISON Scotland – the union for college […]

Briefing 076 Bargaining – Pay – May 2016

KEY POINTS: Pay in Scotland has fallen 12% in real terms since 2011 If it has risen in line with OBR forecast Scotland’s economy would be £11.6bn larger. That would have generated £3.6bn in extra government revenues. It would have saved £240m in benefits. Public sector pay has fallen by 10%, but much further behind […]