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Scottish Government report on NHS staffing – UNISON response

Commenting on today’s (Tuesday) Scottish Government report on NHS staffing, Matt McLaughlin, head of health for UNISON Scotland, said: “UNISON welcomes the publication of the latest NHS Workforce statistics and were not surprised that the government has chosen to focus on the apparent overall increase in NHS workers. The real story, however, lies in the […]

Public service employers are leaving Scotland’s apprentices facing an uncertain future, says UNISON.

That is the conclusion of UNISON’s survey – A Fairer Start: a survey of apprentices in Scotland’s public services – released today (Tuesday). The report is the latest in UNISON Scotland’s damage series which looks at the impact of austerity cuts on the country’s public services and the people who deliver them. The survey reveals […]

A Fairer Start: A survey of apprentices in Scotland’s public services

This survey is part of UNISON Scotland’s damage series which looks at the impact of austerity cuts on the country’s public services and the people who deliver them. The survey reveals a group of workers who are plagued by job insecurity. The track record of employers providing employment for apprenticeship schemes is patchy but generally […]

Violence against public service workers doubled in a decade, says UNISON

UNISON’s annual Violence at Work Survey 2016 is launched today (Friday 21 October)  at UNISON health and safety conference at the University of Stirling. It shows a rise of 20,000 to 40,000 violent assaults per year in the last decade (2006 to 2016), against public service workers in Scotland. With a significant increase in violent assaults against local […]

Poorer workers, poorer services: life in ConDem Inverness – UNISON report 

Wednesday 6 May 2015 Poorer workers and poorer public services is the reality of life in ConDem Inverness – that is the damning conclusion of a survey by UNISON Scotland of members who live in the Inverness area. UNISON have been publishing a series of reports across a range of sectors and across Scotland which show […]

Stop dumping on waste management staff’ says UNISON Scotland

Date: Friday 23 January 2015 UNISON Scotland conducted surveys amongst staff working in waste management across Scotland’s local authorities. The results revealed a workforce under pressure facing increasing targets and declining budgets.   In a report Dumped On – Working in Scotland’s Waste Management Servicesthe union details the experience and expectations of a workforce trying […]

NHS porters’ workloads and stress go up as their wages go down – new UNISON Scotland report

Date: Wed 17 December 2014 NHS Porters are under pressure and their workloads are going up while the value of their wages are going down. The report also concludes that their training is patchy and there are reports of lack of equipment to allow them to do their job properly. These are the conclusions of […]

Under pressure – UNISON survey shows Scotland’s occupational therapists struggling to maintain service

Date: Tue 11 November 2014 A report out today (Tuesday 11 Nov 2014) by UNISON shows that Scotland’s occupational therapists are struggling to maintain the level of service their patients need in light of budget cuts and staffing shortages. Those surveyed in the report – Under Pressure: Scotland’s occupational therapists speak out – said they […]

Working harder but getting poorer is conclusion of new report comparing wages and prices

Date: Mon 13 October 2014 A new report from public services union UNISON – ‘The Price of Everything and the Value of Wages’ – paints a stark picture of the decline and fall in living standards for workers across public services. Years of zero or below inflation pay rises have meant that the value of […]