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UNISON legal victory sees employment tribunal fees scrapped

UNISON’s tribunal fee verdict is a victory for everyone in work UNISON UK press release: https://www.unison.org.uk/news/article/2017/07/tribunal-fees-victory/ UNISON has won a landmark court victory today (Wednesday 26 July 2017) against the government, which means that employment tribunal fees will now be scrapped. The Supreme Court – the UK’s highest court – has unanimously ruled that the government […]

Response on Public Petition PE1605 – Whistleblowing in the NHS

Response on Public Petition PE1605 – Whistleblowing in the NHS Public Petition PE1605, submitted in March 2016, is entitled ‘Independent national whistleblower hotline for NHS Scotland’. The petition: Calls on the Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to establish an independent national whistleblower hotline for NHS staff to replace the current helpline. It would differ in […]

Pregnancy: UNISON’s Your Rights at Work guide

Pregnancy: Your Rights at Work guide has been updated. It is available to download from the UNISON UK website at https://www.unison.org.uk/content/uploads/2016/05/23815.pdf  

UNISON Scotland Community Facebook

For all the latest information for UNISON Scotland in the Community sector, please join our Facebook page and link to our Twitter feed. Click on the link below: https://www.facebook.com/groups/unisonscotcommunitysec/?fref=ts https://twitter.com/unisoncommvol?lang=en-gb

Briefing 073 Policy: Trade Union Bill Update – Jan 2016

Briefing 073 Policy: Trade Union Bill Update – Jan 2016 KEY POINTS:  The Bill is with the House of Lords after passing through the Commons with some amendments.  Scottish Parliament opposes the Bill, but unlike Wales no LCM passed yet.  Scottish Government and employers opposed.  Human rights challenge may allow Scottish […]

MSP e-briefing: Procurement changes fail to tackle tax dodging and backlisting – Jan 2016

 MSP e-briefing: Procurement changes fail to tackle tax dodging and backlisting – Jan 2016 This briefing is on the Procurement (Scotland) Regulations 2016. UNISON Scotland urges Members to demand explanations about why the Scottish Government’s new procurement regulations fail to properly tackle tax dodging and blacklisting, despite regular worthy words. The Procurement (Scotland) Regulations 2016 […]

Beat the Anti Trade Union Bill

Beat the Anti Trade Union Bill from Scotland in UNISON Dec 2015 We should call the Trade Union Bill exactly what it is, an antiunion bill, Scottish UNISON branches were told in a campaign briefing at the union’s Scottish Council. Peter Hunter, regional manager, told delegates: “A Trade Union Bill would set out measures empowering […]

Trade union rights are human rights

from Scotland in UNISON Nov 2015 UNISON members  from across Scotland and the  UK descended on Parliament on 2 November to lobby MPs against the undemocratic Trade Union Bill. By the time you get this issue of SiU, MPs will have already voted on the bill’s final reading before it goes to the Lords. The lobbying […]

United Nations takes issue with UK government on human rights, says UNISON

Date: Friday 23 October 2015 UNISON media release, with Human Rights Consortium Scotland (HRCS) The Westminster Government faces a series of awkward human rights questions following action by the United Nations. The UN has directed the Government to address a ‘list of issues’ ranging from welfare cuts and reliance on food banks to blacklisting and […]

UNISON welcomes end of employment tribunal fees in Scotland

Date: Wednesday 2 September 2015 UNISON has welcomed the Scottish Government announcement that it intends to abolish fees for employment tribunals in Scotland. This announcement comes the week after UNISON vowed to go to the UK Supreme Court in its ongoing fight to appeal against the UK government’s decision to introduce employment tribunal fees across the UK – after […]