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Pay Up Now! campaign goes to parliament

There will be a photo opportunity for the media at the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday 20 December at 12pm. UNISON will deliver 5000 ‘fair pay’ christmas cards to constituency MSPs at the Scottish Parliament to support demands that the government pay up on NHS pay. Shona Robinson MSP, Scottish Minister for Health, will meet UNISON […]

Edinburgh march and rally photos and video

Over 5,000 public service workers marched through Edinburgh on 7 October as part of UNISON’s Pay Up Now! Campaign, which is keeping pressure on both the Scottish and Westminster governments to end the pay cap and give all workers a decent pay rise. Public service employees have seen their pay held back right across the […]

All NHS staff need a pay rise that’s above inflation, say Scottish health unions

Following the statement, that NHS unions are today (Friday) breaking with tradition and submitting a pay claim directly to the UK government on behalf of more than one million health workers across the UK. NHS unions in Scotland say they will be meeting Scottish employers on (Wednesday) 20 September submit the exact same pay claim to their […]

Pay up now

For years now public service workers have seen their pay held back by government in the name of austerity. First a freeze then a cap, resulting in public sector pay, across the UK, rising by just 4.4% between 2010 and 2016 while the cost of living rose by 22%. That’s no way to treat hardworking […]

‘Smash the Cap’, says Dave Prentis

Dave Prentis was in Glasgow today to give his support to the UNISON Scotland’s scrap the cap campaign and to urge everyone who cares about public services to join UNISON’s demostration in Edinburgh on 7 October 2017. Dave visited UNISON’s NHS Glasgow, Clyde and CVS branch at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, where he called again for […]

UNISON launch campaign to scrap the 1% pay rise cap on NHS workers

NHS union UNISON have launched a summer of campaign activity calling on the Scottish Government to ‘scrap the cap’ on NHS pay, which will include the union and members lobbying Scottish Government ministers on pay as they carry out their annual round of NHS Board Reviews. The union which represents almost 60,000 workers across NHS […]