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Additional support needs are stretched to the limit

Additional support needs for pupils, particularly those who start at a disadvantage, are stretched to the limit with children not getting the support they are entitled to. That was the concern expressed by UNISON’s Susan Kennedy at the STUC 2015. Susan was speaking in support of an EIS motion on additional support needs and local […]

Migrant rescue cut ‘indefensible in its inhumanity’

Delegates mourned the terrible tragedy of the 950 migrants drowned as their ship capsized off the coast of Libya just before the start of the Congress and gave overwhelming support to an emergency motion condemning the trade of people trafficking but also the reduction in search and rescue operations which is having a dramatic consequence […]

Change society so women can live free from violence

Gender equality is at the root of violence against women and girls and the STUC will campaign to keep this issue at the heart of the agenda for all public bodies in Scotland. Delegates commended the Scottish Government’s “Equally Safe” strategy and the STUC pledged to lend its full support to groups campaigning to build […]

Poorer students are being failed

Too many students in Scotland drop out of full time education due to inadequate financial support. Speaking on behalf of a motion from the Annual STUC Youth Conference, UNISON Scotland’s Ryan Boyle said that ‘students from poorer backgrounds are being failed’ Ryan supported the STUC Youth Conference motion calling for significant investment in further education […]

Foodbanks: Solidarity not charity

The rise of foodbanks in the 6th richest country in the world is a national scandal and the STUC will continue to campaign vigorously against austerity, low pay and benefit sanctions which see so many people reliant on them. It will also work to support foodbanks with advice on trade union and employment rights until […]

End 1 in 5 children living in poverty in Scotland

The STUC is appalled that 100,000 children live in poverty in Scotland and will call on both the UK and Scottish Governments to take steps to end the scourge the of child poverty across Scotland. Delegates called for a review of the benefit system to ensure that it acts as a genuine safety net against […]

Call to challenge gender equality in apprenticeships

The STUC will press the Scottish government to work with them to tackle gender inequality in apprenticeships and to encourage women to take on apprenticeships in under-represented sectors. Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary also committed to taking up incidents of abuse in the apprenticeship sector in his capacity as a board member of Skills Development […]

Tackling poverty to tackle education inequalities

Poverty affects the education and life chances of our children, and delegates condemned the disgrace of one in five Scottish children living in poverty and will campaign for additional resources to tackle educational inequalities, for the full implementation of the Scottish Government’s Child Poverty Strategy and for better training for teachers and other school staff […]

STUC calls on University governors to reflect diversity of staff

The STUC has called on Scottish Government to legislate for all university governing bodies to have a chair elected by all staff and students, ensure they are representative of the university and wider community – including a quota for women members; and include reserved places for trade union representatives. UNISON Scotland’s Davena Rankin backing the […]

Attempt to take over transport police is another ‘polishambles’

The STUC will vigorously oppose Scottish Government plans to absorb the specialist British Transport Police (BTP) into Police Scotland and delegates were dismayed that the announcement of these plans was made without any public consultation. Supporting an emergency motion from the RMT, George McIrvine of UNISON Scotland’s Police Branch told delegates that although there have […]