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Climate Change Bill Consultation Response

    UNISON is a member of the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland coalition and we support the submission from SCCS. We outline some of UNISON’s important priorities in the next section – such as the public sector leading by example and the Just Transition to a low carbon economy – but we start with the […]

Air Departure Tax 50% Cut: Consultation Response

UNISON Scotland has argued strongly against this tax reduction from when it was first proposed. As we said in our June 2016 response to the consultation on a Scottish replacement to Air Passenger Duty, we start “from the position that the Scottish Government should be defending public services and working for social justice by opposing […]

Futures number 17 autumn/winter 2016

 Latest edition of Futures covering the Scottish government’s plans for the upcoming year, the possibilities of a new Scottish approach to taxation, the consultaitons on expanding childcare, education governance and the new Child Poverty Bill.  The Scottish government is holding consultation events across the country on planned changes to schoos and childcare governance. Details of events […]

A Scottish approach to taxation: UNISON Scotland Submission to Scottish Parliament Finance Committee Inquiry – Sep 2016

A Scottish approach to taxation: UNISON Scotland’s Submission to the Scottish Parliament Finance Committee Inquiry – Sep 2016 PDF UNISON is the largest trade union in Scottish public services. Our members deliver services, pay taxes and also have a wider citizenship interest in how services are provided and paid for. We therefore welcome the opportunity to […]

Progressive taxation the only way to save public services

#uNDC16 Through tax avoidance and tax evasion the UK Treasury receives around 100 Billion pounds a year less than it expects. Conference is dismayed that nearly six years on from his promise to “fix” the economy and recently following the autumn statement – in which he said that the governments job is no longer to “rescue […]

Public Service Futures 15 – Winter 2016

Public Service FUTURES Issue 15 – Winter 2016: There is an alternative; Grappling with cuts; Procurement and tax dodgers; Anti-poverty childcare; …and more PublicServiceFutures15_Winter2016.pdf

Further cuts to local services not sustainable, says UNISON Scotland

Date: Tuesday 2 February 2016 UNISON Scotland is calling for the Scottish Parliament to use its powers to put more money into local services. By 2020 expenditure on public services will be 12.5% lower in real terms. That is on top of the £2.5bn cuts since 2010. This next round of cuts will mean at least […]

MSP e-briefing: Procurement changes fail to tackle tax dodging and backlisting – Jan 2016

 MSP e-briefing: Procurement changes fail to tackle tax dodging and backlisting – Jan 2016 This briefing is on the Procurement (Scotland) Regulations 2016. UNISON Scotland urges Members to demand explanations about why the Scottish Government’s new procurement regulations fail to properly tackle tax dodging and blacklisting, despite regular worthy words. The Procurement (Scotland) Regulations 2016 […]

e-briefing: Council Tax Freeze Explained – Jan 2016

 e-briefing: Council Tax Freeze Explained -Jan 2016 The announcement by Moray Council that they are to consider increasing the Council Tax has highlighted the Council Tax freeze. It is unlikely that many, if any, councils will actually increase the Council Tax, but it has at least sparked a debate about council funding. This is important in […]

‘Ultimate market madness’, UNISON’s statement on privatisation Scottish Water services

Date: Tuesday 6 October 2015 Dave Watson, head of UNISON Scotland bargaining and campaigns, said: “UNISON is deeply disappointed that the contract for Scotland’s public sector water and wastewater services is to be awarded to a privatised utility.  In fairness, the Scottish Government had few options because the system of retail water competition is the […]