B&C-logoLatest UNISON Scotland Briefings from the Bargaining and Campaigns Team. UNISON Scotland Briefings include Bargaining and Policy Briefings for branches on a wide range of policy and employment issues, e-briefings and Legal Updates and briefings for MSPs and MPs and others to represent UNISON policy where decisions are being made.

thumbnail of Policy briefing – Independent Inquiry mental health service in Tayside Feb 2020

Independent Inquiry: Mental Health Services in Tayside

The report from the inquiry onto mental health services in Tayside has now been published. This followed serious issues about services being raised in the Scottish parliament. A UNISON chaired ... Read More
thumbnail of e brief local government benchmarking report 2018-19

e-brief Local Government Bench-marking

The Improvement Service has published the annual National Benchmarking Overview report. The report covers children’s services, adult social care, culture and leisure, environmental services, corporate services housing and economic development ... Read More
thumbnail of Bargaining briefing 111 Early Learning and Childcare outdoor learning

Briefing 111: Early Learning and Childcare: outdoor learning

The Scottish government has now published its guide for creating outdoor play experiences in early learning and childcare. The government is committed to including increased opportunities for outdoor play in ... Read More
thumbnail of Policy briefing – local government financial overview 2018-19

Briefing 109: Local Government Financial Overview

Audit Scotland published a financial overview of local government finance at the end of 2019. This report gives both an overview of the picture across Scotland and detail on the ... Read More
thumbnail of Bargaining briefing McCleod December 2019


On 20 December 2018, the Court of Appeal in Lord Chancellor v McCloud (and others) held that in relation to the judicial and firefighters’ pension schemes, transitional provisions introduced in ... Read More
thumbnail of Bargaining Briefing – Damage Report Social Work Novemner 2019

Briefing 107 Save from Harm: A Survey of Social Work Staff

This briefing gives an overview of Save From Harm: a survey of social work staff.  The survey looks at the impact of austerity on social work teams. The report highlights key ... Read More
eBrief November 2019 : General Election – Registration Drive & Campaign Rules

eBrief November 2019 : General Election – Registration Drive & Campaign Rules

General Election – Registration Drive & Campaign Rules The 12th December General election will have profound implications for UNISON members across Scotland and the whole of the UK. It is ... Read More
thumbnail of Bargaining briefing devolved school management guidleines 2019

Bargaining Briefing 106: Devolved School Management Changes

The Scottish government has published new Devolved School Management (DSM) Guidelines on school funding decisions by local authorities. This guidance replaces the DSM Guidance published in 2012. This sets out ... Read More
thumbnail of ebrief local government benchmarking report 2019

Cuts to Local Government Budgets

The Improvement service have published the Local Government Framework Benchmarking Report for 2017/18 .   This annual benchmark report is a useful source of accurate information on what’s happening in services across local ... Read More
thumbnail of ebrief Cuts Impact Assessment Feb 2019

Assessing the impact of yet more austerity cuts

This e-brief is a reminder for UNISON branches of the importance of cuts impact assessments. Branches and Regional Organisers should ensure CIA Forms are completed/updated regularly for each employer, recording ... Read More

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