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PublicationsSupporting Scotland’s Social Work Services Workforce: UNISON is by far the largest union representing most Social Work and Social Care staff in Scotland. We represent Social Workers in all specialisms, residential workers, social care workers, OTs, home care staff and professional, admin and clerical support staff. We have a Social Work Issues Group (SWIG) with reps from branches across Scotland, specifically addressing Social Work issues. See also important information for workers registered with regulatory bodies.

UNISON Week 292 – No Going Back to Normal campaign & more …

UNISON Week 292 - No Going Back to Normal,  our response to the Future of Social Care and more ... Read More

No Going Back to Normal

OUR KEY WORKERS DESERVE BETTER Thousands of key workers died during the pandemic looking after us. In the public services ... Read More

No Going Back to Normal

Add your name to our letter and tell the UK government there's no going back to normal. Click here to ... Read More

Social Work publications

Refuge and Asylum in Scotland – a guide for members

thumbnail of refugee and asylum seeker good practice guide (webversion) final
Asylum seekers in Scotland do not get the support services they are entitle to because of inadequate support for social ... Read More

UNISON Week 292 – No Going Back to Normal campaign & more …

thumbnail of UNISON week 292
UNISON Week 292 - No Going Back to Normal,  our response to the Future of Social Care and more ... Read More

Scottish Government Economic Recovery Plan – August 2020

thumbnail of e-brief Final Economic Recovery Aug 2020 two page edit
The Scottish Government has announced its plan for post-COVID economic recovery. This briefing provides UNISON’s response to this. The recovery ... Read More

COvid-19 Committee – Inquiry into Social Care Support Fund Staff Regulations

thumbnail of UNISON Scotland evidence Social Care Staff Support Fund Regs
The Scottish Parliament's Covid-19 Committee is examining the Social Care Staff Support Fund. This was set up because so many ... Read More

Covid Social Care Worker Death in Service Payment

thumbnail of Briefing death in service july 2020
Following pressure from UNISON, the Scottish Government has agreed to make a one-off payment of £60,000 to a named survivor ... Read More

Covid Social Care Staff Support Fund

thumbnail of Bargaining briefing Social Care July 2020
UNISON campaigned hard to make sure that social care workers did not have to survive on statutory sick pay, should ... Read More

Report of the Advisory Group on Economic Recovery June 2020

thumbnail of Post Covid Economic Recovery e-brief June 2020
This briefing looks at the recommendations of the independent Advisory Group on Post-Covid 19 Economic Recovery. The Group presented its ... Read More

Briefing 114 – Living Wage in Adult Social Care

thumbnail of Bargaining Briefing 114 – Living Wage guidance April 2020
The uprated Scottish Living Wage should be paid to all workers in adult social care who are employed via contracts ... Read More

Save from harm – UNISON Scotland survey of social work teams

thumbnail of Social Work damage November 2019
This is a survey of staff working in social work teams. As well as social workers and social work assistants/support ... Read More

CCTV in Additional Support Needs Schools

thumbnail of Petition 1709 CCTV in schools Dec 2018
There is no doubt that the needs of children and young people with additional support needs (ASN) are not being ... Read More

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