Health Pay 2021

UNISON – with Scotland’s other trade unions – has been in formal pay negotiations for Agenda for Change staff. Negotiations are over and an offer has been made. Click on the images for full details of the offer. UNISON is recommending  that you accept the offer but it is you the members who will make the decision. The e-ballot is now open and closes on May 7th at midday. Full details here.

The Pay Offer

thumbnail of NHS Scotland Agenda for Change Pay Offer 2021-22

Willie Duffy, UNISON Scotland Head of Health said: “After weeks of negotiations we have now received a serious offer for a deal backdated to the 1 December 2020 from the Scottish government. This is a final offer as a result of the forthcoming election.  UNISON Scotland Health Committee will agree how we consult UNISON members.

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Hourly Pay Detail
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STAC Q&A with detail on overtime and allowances

Further detail on the offer 

This past year has highlighted the dedication, skill and sacrifices that all NHS staff make. Their contribution must be recognised in their pay packets. It was simply not good enough to push negotiations to the summer and blame the UK Government for the delay so we are pleased to have made significant progress in these pay talks. However, the final decision on whether to accept this offer lies with UNISON members and we look forward to consulting them in the coming weeks.”


We have circulated this offer to UNISON health branches across Scotland.  If you have any questions please contact your branch. You can use this  Branch Finder to find their details.

Branch Poster and Q&A 

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